My Favorite Things – Trail Running

Warning: This page is full of affiliate links! 🙂

Below are some of my favorite trail running goodies:

1: Salomon Speedcross Trail Shoes – I have been wearing these since I started trail running. I love the grip they have on the muddy terrain and support they offer to the arches of my feet. I never had blister problems with these shoes, and don’t even know when my feet get wet. A must have in my book of trail running gear! Check them out HERE.

2: Nathan VaporAiress Race Vest, Cockatoo – I have tried MANY different race vests, water bottle belts, hand held bottle holder, etc. I found that for anything longer than 13 miles, this vest is my go to. Especially when I am out on my own with no aid stations to restock goodies. This vest has a HUGE zipper pocket the size of the water bladder, two side zipper pockets big enough for 4 Cliff Blok strips, two smaller pockets for salt tabs and ginger chews, two water bottle pouches, and two slide in open pockets along the front where you can get to your stuff mid run without taking off the vest. I got the X-Small and it wraps me like a nice warm hug. BUT, I have not tried it in just a sports bra. It is not often in run in only a sports bra, so I have always had at least tank on and no rubbing! Check it out HERE.

3: Clif Bloks Energy Chews – I remember my first 5K. Someone handed me a gel pack and said try this. I threw up at the finish line. NOT a good idea. Ever since that day, I have had a strange relationship with gels. I found Clif Bloks, and they work great! They are organic (if that matters to you), and come in a strip of 6 blocks. This is what I like the most…I get to decide how many blocks I need at any given time in my run. Most of the time I go by 2 blocks for 3 miles. That’s if I am going longer than 10 miles (anything under 10, I don’t use them at all), and it is elevation dependent. If I am climbing a lot, I will go with 3 blocks per 30 minutes. I’ve never had an issue with sickness or bonking when on them. Check them out HERE.

4: GIN-GINS Chew Ginger Candy – OH MY GOODNESS! These babies saved my run one day. We were exploring new trails, found another runner who wasn’t sure where she was and as we were “exploring” my stomach started to roll. I was not sure if I needed to dig a hole or lose my lunch on the side of the mountain. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I had some of these in my pack. I never tried them before. I read about them and decided to just pack some in case. THANK GOODNESS I did. One chew and I was good to go. I couldn’t believe it. Crazy ending to the story, the handsome husband got super sick as soon as we got home, and I was good to go! I get mine HERE.

5: Vaseline Lip Therapy – This has been a part of my life for YEARS! My poor lips can feel winter coming before the weather changes. This is the only stuff that works for me. Besides, the little container is just cute. I used to be able to find them at the local grocery, but have not had any luck the past two years, so I order mine HERE.