New Year, New Goals! 2017’s Bucket List

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I am not very good at new year’s resolutions, hence the fact that it is March and I am just now declaring my goals for 2017! If you are not the type of person that has ever written down your goals, and have no idea how to start, you may want to go back and read my post here. It outlines simple steps to setting short term and long term goals. Today, I want to focus on short-term goals; ones I hope to complete by the end of 2017. Here it goes!

Running Goals

I registered for 3 races so far in 2017. I already completed the Frozen Snot (13.6 miles and 5,200+ ft of elevation). My next race is Hyner Challenge in April. This is a 25K with over 4,000 ft of elevation. This year will be my 3rd time participating in this race, but the first time ever trying to race for a time. Usually I hike the race and spend the day taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful views. This year, I want to see what my race times look like because I want to increase my ultra distance races and need to know if I can meet the cutoffs.

Next, my longest race will be in June, Worlds End 50K. This race has over 5,000 ft elevation and has a cutoff of 12 hours. My running goals are in preparation for 2018 when I want to try and complete my first 50 miler and progress on to a 100 miler! We shall see. One year at a time. 🙂

Professional Development Goals

It is always important to me to continue to challenge myself and learn new things. This year, I launched this blog and want to see if I can figure out how to be successful in the blogging world. This goal is more about challenging myself in a world I am not comfortable, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try new things. I played with a blog years ago, but it was never to try to make money or see if I could get a steady following. I am curious to see how this thing takes off.

Family Goals

Balance has always been a struggle for me as well. I seem to give all my time and energy to the one thing that is most urgent, and sometimes my family time suffers. I am setting a goal to make sure we take a family vacation, and actually unplug while away. I also want a goal to make and keep at least 6 dates (outside of running) with my handsome husband. We have time set aside each week to run together, and I am thankful, but I think it would be nice if he could see me in something other than my trucker hat and running clothes. 🙂

Household Goals

I may be cheating since we already started this one, but this year we decided to pair down our stuff and reduce the clutter in our lives. We already clean out on a regular basis, but I mean the big stuff. The attic that gets forgotten, the basement that the kids fill up, the garage that continues to grow. All those areas. We talk at great length about moving back to a smaller house and realize if that is ever going to happen, we have to start pairing down our belongings now. It’s crazy. We have been in this house less than 7 years and we already filled it up!

Over the holiday break, I spent a few days in the attic and made a good amount of progress in sorting. I have stuff for the trash, stuff to keep, and stuff to donate. Now we have to find the time to do the other rooms, and actually get the stuff out of the house.

The other household goal is to repair the bathroom in our daughter’s room. It is a small bathroom, but will have a big impact over the next couple of years as she enters her teen years. It will be a blessing to not share one bathroom among 4 people. 🙂


1: Race Hyner Challenge and Worlds End to set a race pace for future races.

2: Generate income from this blog.

3: Schedule and unplug during a family vacation.

4: Schedule and go on at least 6 dates with my handsome husband.

5: Reduce clutter and get organized.

6: Repair / remodel the second bathroom.

How about you? Do you set goals each year? How are you doing? Please share some ideas in the comments below.

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