Frozen Snot – Race Recap

Saturday, the handsome husband and I headed out to our local mountains for a race called the Frozen Snot. It was 13.5 miles with over 5,000 ft of elevation gain. The race started and ended with 1.5 miles of road running, so the climbing was all during the middle 10.5 miles. It had to be the hardest trail race I’ve ever done. We finished it, thankfully! But I can’t give place stats because 43 people didn’t complete the second leg of the race (they did 8.3 miles and went to the finish line) and didn’t tell the RD so their times are included in the overall race stats.

The weather was great; 20 degrees with some wind. In this area you never know what to expect on a day in January. Right now it’s snowing and school has been canceled. The mountains were ice covered at the top and water / mud covered at the bottom. Micro-spokes were a requirement to run the race, but I would have opted for them anyway. It was worth having them. The downhills were technical. I took a set of poles to assist, but found it easier to use the ropes they provided. I’ve only tried my poles one other time and wasn’t 100% comfortable with them. There was one aid station at mile 7.5, right before you start the second leg of the race. They provided plenty of warm tea, hot sandwiches, and the traditional bananas, sweets, and goodies. They also had an amazing fire going which felt great after coming down the windy cold mountain side.

The last leg of the race was a boulder field, named The Beast. And that it was! I imagined myself playing twister to get up that mountain, on all fours! The race camera guy (M. McNeil) was hiding amongst the rocks, snapping away. Here I am trying to decide my next move.

Overall, it was a good day to be outside exploring trails. I was spent by the end, but that’s what it’s all about! What about you? Did you race or explore anywhere fun this weekend?

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